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Satomi Minoshima is a Japanese designer based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. She creates concepts based on her design research. Minoshima is inspired by materials, color, history and production processes which already exist within the content of the topics she is fascinated by. Her approach combines visual communication between the 2-dimensional graphic world and 3-dimensional material world to materialize products, such as art pieces, installations, illustrations, and books.









2019- present     Design studio Satomi Minoshima

2018- present     Freelancer at Lex Pott
2015-2019           B.A. Design Academy Eindhoven, Department of Man & Activity
                            Graduated Cum Laude
2018                    Intern at Lex Pott, Rotterdam

2017                    Intern at we+, Tokyo

2012-2014           Graphic designer at Stationery company MARK’S inc., Tokyo

2008-2012           B.A. Musashino Art University,

                            Department of Science of Design, Tokyo

1989                    Born in Kanagawa, Japan


2021            TOYO SEIKAN INNOVATION CHALLENGE, first place
2019            Nomination Melkweg prize

2018            Nominated for the Ontwerpwedstrijd Cor Unum Design Contest  

2012            Tokyo Midtown Award 2012



2021           Pola Art Foundation, JP
2019           FORMAT 2019, Z33, BL


Feb 2021      re-FORMAT, Z33, BL
Mar 2020      The Circle, Dutch Invertuals, Kazerne, Eindhoven, NL
Feb 2020      OBJECT Rotterdam, Rotterdam, NL

Jan 2020       Alert Objects, Gallery VARTAI, Vilnius, LT

Oct 2019       The Circle, Dutch Invertuals, NL

Sep 2019      TALENT INVASION, Tassenmuseum,NL

Oct 2018       Clay Stories, Ceramic Minor, Dutch Design Week 2018, NL

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