Skin Tote

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Our skin is the largest interface we share with the world around us. It forms a protective layer around our bodies. The color of our skin is associated with protection from sunlight. The physical color of our skin extends far into cultural and social contexts of society. Skin can play a role in how individuals are treated in society.


As globalisation advances, we head towards a post racial era, where ones skin color is not such a judgmental factor anymore. However, we haven’t reached the maximum level when it comes to non-discrimation against people with varied skin colors.

Satomi Minoshima translates the nuances around various skin colors by using bags as a metaphor.  Our skin is essentially a container and just like a bag, it contains the essence of what we have. Property remains within it, and is not contained in the color of the bag. This message is communicated via a series of photos, where the aim is to spread the aesthetic quality and diversity of skin colors.

Creation 2019

Photography by Satomi Minoshima