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In the past, ceramic was one of the most popular materials for preserving and transporting commodities. By researching the ceramic history of ancient times, The designer yearned to revive ceramics as a material that we can use for transporting goods as it was done back in the day. As civilisation developed, glass and plastic soon replaced ceramics as a material. Nowadays many containers are no longer made from ceramics.

In a quest to revive the use of this material for the use of food, 3 ceramic bags were designed. Each bag is designed for a different type of commodities, which, in ancient days would have been transported in a ceramic container. Through this project the designer wishes to recreate the past act of preserving, carrying and eating food with ceramic containers.

陶器は物を保存、運送する容器としてかつては重宝された素材でした。しかし、ガラス、プラスチックなどの素材が普及し多くの容器が陶器である必要がなくなりました。”Re-tainer” はかつて陶器の容器が使われていたプロダクトに対して、新たな陶器の器を与える試みです。

Creation 2017

Photography by Fujita Keisuke

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