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Woven Linoleum

"Woven Linoleum" was exhibited at the Stockholm Furniture Fair Furniture as Linoleum development in progress. The material research creates a connection between the flexibility of linoleum and traditional weaving techniques used for seats. By partly deconstructing the jute backing of the linoleum and making woven extensions, Satomi was able to create a flexible linoleum seat surface. In this hybrid design, traditional furniture craft and industrial production process are literally interwoven with each other.

Woven Linoleum はForboが新開発した家具用リノニウムのマテリアルリサーチとして制作され、ストックホルム家具見本市で発表されました。リノニウムの裏地の麻部分を解き、その解体した部分を新たに織物として織り直すことで、柔軟なリノニウムの座面を作り出しました。伝統的な家具工芸と工業的な生産プロセスを織り合わせることで、新しい素材の使い方を提案しました。

Creation 2020

Commissioned by Forbo
Presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020

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